About Us

HaurTyi was established in 1995. We expanded our business to the overseas markets starting from 2003 such as the USA, Western Europe, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

*Printing with soy ink and never use industrial waste paper materials.
*All paper bag converting machines are made in Japan.
*ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, FSC-COC certification.
*Taiwan eco products registration of Green Trade Project Office, MOEA, Taiwan

Basic Information

  • Company Name:HAUR TYI PAPER BAG CO., LTD.
  • Business Type:Exporter,Manufacturer,OEM,ODM
  • Year Established:1995
  • Factory Location:Taiwan, ROC
  • Tel (1):+886-6-2427811 EXT 64
  • Tel (2):+886-6-2427968 EXT 64
  • Zip Code:71066
  • Address:No. 600, Zhongzheng 2nd St., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 71066,Taiwan(R.O.C.)
  • Brand:Haur Tyi Paper Bag
  • Main Product:Paper Bag, Stone Paper Bag, Coated/Art Paper Bag, Kraft Paper Bag, All products are customized
  • Main Export Market:United States of America,Australia,New Zealand,Japan,Singapore,Switzerland,Spain,France,United Kingdom,Ireland,Russian Federation,Canada


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